How the centre is run

The Centre is a registered charity, limited by guarantee. Ultimate responsibility for the policy and care of the Centre is entrusted to a management committee of some 15 volunteers, elected by members of the Ucheldre Centre Friends Association at an Annual General Meeting. The management and day-by-day operation of the Centre is delegated to a General Manager and staff, assisted by a team of volunteers who jointly give over 100 hours of time to the Centre each week. The project could not survive without this help, and new volunteers are always welcome. (If you are interested, contact the General Manager, Mike Gould.)

The site is actually owned by the Isle of Anglesey County Council, who have leased the building to the Centre. The cost of refurbishing the Centre and its grounds in the early 1990s was met by a partnership involving the Welsh Office, Gwynedd County Council, Anglesey Borough Council, and the Welsh Development Agency. Some of the facilities have also come from grants provided by the Lottery Fund and the Foundation for Sport and the Arts.

The Centre generates its income partly through its own events and facilities, but it is heavily dependent on the support of public bodies, notably the Arts Council of Wales — which has described Ucheldre as a “strategic centre” for the arts in this part of Wales — and the new Isle of Anglesey County Council, and it could not succeed without some private sponsorship of its activities from interested businesses and individuals. It is always a struggle to make ends meet — so if you sympathise with our aims, please support us in any way you can.

To make a donation to the centre, visit the donations page.

Holyhead Boatyard


Ucheldre Centre, Millbank, Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey, LL65 1TE
Telephone: 01407 763361

Opening Hours:
10am – 5pm Monday to Saturday
2pm – 5pm  Sunday

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