The Ucheldre Centre is one of the two venues on the Isle of Anglesey showing films.

The Empire in Holyhead is a dedicated Cinema, showing the latest film releases several times a day.

Ucheldre as an arts centre screens live broadcasts from The Royal Opera House , the Met, and the National Theatre. There are also special film events; concerts and shows from the West End; and tours from the major stadiums; O2 Arena, The Royal Albert Hall, and other venues all over the world.

As a Cinema Ucheldre also screens films usually later than on general release a few times a week. A good opportunity to see a film you missed, or that you want to see again. Ucheldre also shows short film and foreign language film.

An annual short film festival is held at Ucheldre in October.

It is also possible to hire the Centre for private showings.

Sat 5 March 2022 7:30 pm

In Pursuit of Maud is the tale of Igor and Maud. Igor is a simple soul. He lives in a castle with his mistress ‘Mad’ Scientist Maud, and together they do mad scientist things like generating electricity by rubbing two cats together or creating an octopus with the head of a vole. You know…normal stuff.

But one day the pair attempt a brain swapping procedure between Maud and an albatross (she wanted to experience flying) and it goes horribly, horribly wrong. Maud’s body escapes and heads for the hills and Igor is left alone with his beloved employer’s brain floating helplessly in a jar….

In Pursuit of Maud will be a visually beautiful cabaret style show featuring a witty and darkly hilarious musical solo performance from Igor, played by Rowan Talbot. Igor will delight the audience with songs, jokes, slapstick and story. Played out in front of a magical filmed backdrop, created by Bafta award winner Chris Crow (The Lighthouse), audiences will follow Maud on screen as she treks across some of Wales most iconic landscapes.

£12, £10 concessions, £4 children

Ucheldre Centre, Millbank, Holyhead, Anglesey, LL65 1TE. 01407 763361