Lit Soc: Dr Michelle Angharad Pashley

Friday 21 July 1:00 pm
Writing the Crime

Development of the characters, each with their own voice

Consideration of the possible conflicts and feelings between these characters

Trust and mistrust

Memories (real and false) leading to the distortion of facts, giving us truth, half-truths and lies.

Importance of accurate timelines


After graduating from York University, Dr Pashley worked in Medical Research, before becoming a lecturer in Biological Sciences. When she retired, she moved to North Wales with her husband. Here, she became a part-time child support worker, while developing a passion for writing.

Given her background in science and research, it’s perhaps not surprising that she was drawn to the genre of crime fiction.

Her debut novel, Black Sheep Cottage, was enthusiastically received and highly recommended by her readers, as were The Remains of the Dead (featuring Inspector Madeline Driscoll) and Never to be Told.

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