Friday 23 December 7:30 pm

A panto by David Edkins

All is peaceful in the Kingdom of Camelot. No naughty Knights have tried to take over for ages.  King Arthur is enjoying the quiet. If only the Queen would let him bring his horse into the castle for a nice warm by the fireplace. One day, however the evil Mordred plays a nasty trick on the wise, wonderful wizard Merlin, then tries once more to take Arthur’s throne away from him. Do our heroes stand a chance against the forces of evil?  With the help of a baby dragon, a man whose name is definitely not Wayne, the Lady of the Lake, who assures us that she can still fit into her swimming costume and a large dose of traditional British pantomime fun, our heroes intend to do their best to restore normality to the Kingdom…

but beware the Questing Beast!

£6, £5 concessions, £4 children