Friday 31 March 7:30 pm


“Mae rhywun yn ceisio cyfathrebu gyda ni”

A one-act opera by Edward Wright (libretto Marian Bryfdir) about the experience of living with dementia, both for the individual and those around them.

“Finding the joy”—as Alexander is edged into a darkness he cannot control, his loved ones learn to create moments of love, understanding, self-worth and even humour to help him cross the bridge between shared realities and his own mind.

Edward Wright’s unique orchestral score plumbs the depths of despair and soars up to the joy of love expressing (as only music and the human voice can) the vast range of the sometimes-hidden emotions experienced on the dementia journey.

Welsh baritone Kiefer Jones takes on the multi-faceted role of Alexander as he interprets the sometimes intensely painful, occasionally wryly humorous emotions from early diagnosis to facing variable therapies and mixed communication from family members and professional practitioners.

What does it feel like to live with dementia? What might it sound like? This new one-act opera is a collaboration between an experienced creative team and a well-established dementia research programme, IDEAL. Research and real-life experience meet in this Arts Council of Wales-funded project, into which people with dementia and carers have input.