Wednesday 9 November 1:00 pm

Zog and the Flying Doctors


This lovingly animated film is an adaptation of the colourful children’s book about a team of flying doctors made up of Zog, a clumsy dragon, Sir Gadabout and Princess Pearl who travel across the land to care for animals and mythical creatures. Their vocation comes to a stop when the young Princess Pearl is locked away by her uncle, the King, who has always opposed her career as a doctor. Zog and Sir Gadabout must work together to rescue Princess Pearl so she can pursue her dreams and they can continue to help others.




Meet Superworm, a long, strong, courageous worm with some amazing skills who knows exactly how to save the day. Whether he is saving his friend the beetle from a deep well or the toad from getting in a road accident, Superworm is always there when he is needed the most. However, when Superworm gets too big for his boots and begins ignoring his friends, who will be there to save the day for him? This adorable animal animation puts a spotlight on friendship, heroism and humility for young audiences.