Wednesday 16 November 1:00 pm
Autism Friendly

Speedy hedgehog Sonic has finally found a home – and a family – on Earth. Now residing in Green Hills, Sonic is keen to demonstrate his responsible side while Tom and Maddie are away in Hawaii for a wedding. Hoping to prove he can be a hero for the community, Sonic is given an opportunity to do so with the return of the dastardly Dr. Robotnik. With the help of his new fox friend Tails, Sonic learns that the mythical Master Emerald is in fact real when he receives a holographical message from his former guardian, Longclaw. Together Sonic and Tails seek to locate the powerful gemstone before Robotnik does, lest he use it to conquer the world. But Robotnik has a new friend too: Knuckles the Echnida, who proves a match for Sonic, and has his own reason for pursuing the emerald. ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ is a high-energy family film based on the iconic video game series with themes around friendship, responsibility, and growing up.