Wednesday 9 November 8:00 pm


Fantasy drama set in rural North Wales in the fictional town of Annwn, a modern interpretation of the Celtic Otherworld that was home to the sorceress, Rhiannon. The story follows Ann, a talented young healing witch who dreams of using her gifts to help others. However, in this divided town, her idealism faces more and more obstacles in the form of mayor Gerallt Hopkins and his police goons. With her sister Cathryn and coven mother Tangrwst on her side, can Ann defy the odds against prejudice?
A Short Film [11 minutes]

Gwledd  (The Feast)

When a wealthy family and their guests gather for a dinner party in the remote Welsh countryside, they have little idea of what awaits them. Hosted at their luxurious new house, the family have a valuable mining venture at stake and the atmosphere is tense. The arrival of a mysterious young woman who has been hired as a waitress brings a quiet, unsettling presence to the evening. And as the night progresses, she soon begins to challenge the family’s beliefs, unravelling the illusion they’ve created with slow, deliberate, and terrifying consequences…
[1 hr 33 minutes] In Welsh with English subtitles


£3, £2 concessions